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Making the Grade

When working on a home or business property, most people focus on best practices to prevent water from flowing into the windows, roof, or other openings. However, water can also flow through the foundations of a property and cause flooding. This flooding can causes the foundation to sink, especially for newly built structures. This causes untold damage in the long term with some long term structures needing to be readjusted or rebuilt all together. Poor grading can ruin the foundation of any well planned project.

Grading refers to landscaping a building location’s soil elevations. When grading a location, we are making sure that the water will move down and away from the foundation and exit the lot in a storm drain system. If the water accumulates, it can leak into the property or weaken the soil in which the foundation is built on. The water can cause moisture issues at the foundations wall which can weaken the material by creating hydrostatic pressure against the wall. This can result in foundational cracks, structural damage, and even soil erosion.

Poor grading cause problems for not only your property but also your neighbors. Improperly diverted rain runoff can create similar problems for your neighbors. This compounds the situation where your soil and foundation is eroding along with your neighbor’s.

Not matter what you are building it needs a solid and firm foundation. This foundation is built on soil that can erode and deteriorate unless your soil is properly graded. This why we take landscape grading very serious. What good is a well-built structure made with the best materials if it doesn’t have a safe and reliable foundation to stand on? Don’t let your dream project fall apart because of improper planning. Call us today and let us grade your land to make sure that it can handle your project.