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Building a business, owning a home, or repairing damages can be challenge. Looking for the right provider of quality materials is a daunting and overwhelming task. Furthermore, actually finding a reliable and honest delivery service can place any project at a standstill. That’s where we come in. At Philip Smith Contracting, we aim to ease your stress by providing you with exceptional hauling services. Our haulers carry only the best materials, at a competitive price, to ensure that you can finish your project and at an affordable rate.

Our Hauling Services

Through our hauling you’ll receive the best service. We are courteous, on time, professional and efficient. No matter where you are located, we are trained to find the fastest route to make sure your project is not stalled because of much needed materials. Our deliverers pick the best spots to unload their loads in order to avoid any and all damage to your property and your valuables. We are professional and sincere and our deliverers always friendly and helpful. Lastly, we’re efficient, and able to give you the best materials as quickly as possible.


As perfect as we would like our hauling business to be there are some limitations. Whenever we make a delivery to a certain location, we need a person to be there to receive the haul. We need someone to sign a property release for the truck and to direct where the material is to be delivered. We will always call ahead of time before we deliver a load.

When we deliver a load, we always stride to avoid causing damage to your property. Unfortunately, our trucks are heavy and can cause damage to sidewalks and driveways. Our trucks are so heavy that they can sink into the dirt! That being said, we always appreciate direction from you as to where you’d prefer the truck to be deliver.

Lastly, we always need correct and accurate measurements of your project. We know about the materials and how much we should bring to each project. However, without accurate measurements and information we can bring too much or too little. Therefore, please make sure that all measurements and information you provide is both accurate and correct.

Our number one goal is quality and efficiency in our hauling services. We always want to give you the best services, materials, and products. However, we do need you to work with us so we can make sure that your experience with our hauling service is uncomplicated and easy.